SAVEMAX (Golden India Expo Trade Pvt. Ltd)

Integrated Store functions for efficient and effective Retail management

The project manager and consultants from CitiXsys are very helpful and ready to offer their help whenever needed. Although the environment was not so favorable, the implementation team went an extra mile to take the project go LIVE on time.

Puneet Kaushik, Savemax

Headquarters: New Delhi, India
Industry: Retail - Supermarket
Solution: iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP Business One | iView, iMatrix and iPlan as SAP Business One Addons

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Golden India Expo Trade Pvt. Ltd. is a leading retail company dealing in trading of Rice and other edible products under the brand name SAVEMAX. Headquartered in New Delhi, the company was setup in the year 2007 and is currently operational at four different locations. Their first flagship store SAVEMAX was inaugurated on 28th October at a prominent location in New Delhi. The company plans to open up a chain of stores and will soon go live with their Online Hypermarket. The hyper market is spread over thousands of sq. ft. area and has over 10 tills operational to cater huge footfalls at the store.


Golden India Expo Trade Pvt. Ltd. is a leading exporter of Rice in India and a trade of edible food products. The company has ambitious plans to set up a chain of hypermarkets across India.

As a forward looking business they had previously invested in a Retail Software from another IT company, but the system failed to cater to the requirement of integrated operations between Head Office & Stores. The senior management was unable to see the correct sales figures and consolidated view of available inventory. Fragmented data and inaccessibility of clear view was a major contributor to delayed decision making and was a severe hindrance in future expansion plans of the company. As the company looked to expand their retail operations they were apprehensive to continue with the old application.

Reduced efficiency and man hours spent in uploading and downloading the sales invoice data to the server for consolidation of inventory too was big concern. In addition ascertaining pilferage was a remote task since data was being stored at different locations leading to constant discrepancy in stocks level.

While conducting sales the operator had difficulties in selecting the retail price & offer price which lengthened the transaction time raising customer dissatisfaction.

Calculation errors, mismatched reports and a complex interface added to the overall operational chaos, hence they decided to dump the old application & move ahead with iVend Retail.

Company wanted to take advantage of the latest retail technology in order to offer its customers the most efficient and streamlined purchasing experience, with a focus on fast, effective, and efficient service to each customer. They also needed an integrated solution which facilitates control on their stores and showrooms.

iVend Retail Management Solution integrated with SAP Business One, met the group’s technology and expansion requirements.

  • Easy-to-use solution that is scalable to accommodate future growth and demands
  • Enhanced data accuracy and synchronized visibility across stores
  • Increased speed & accuracy in processing transactions
  • Increased responsiveness to market demands
  • Supports Discounts & Promotions like gift certificates, gift cards, discounts etc.
  • Integrated & unified system – fits into their SAP Business One infrastructure
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