Imtiaz Supermarket


Imtiaz Supermarket

Retail integration for Managed Multi-Store operations, aligned Inventory and Warehousing

The benefits of our new Retail management system are splendid. We have full control on what is being purchased, what is being sold, and what is available in the inventory. Now we have obtained a fairly transparent view of store operations through process integration.

Waqas Hanif, IT Head, Imtiaz Supermarket

Headquarters: Pakistan
Industry: Retail - Supermarket
Solution: iVend Retail Management Suite with SAP Business One


Imtiaz SupermarketImtiaz, a venture of Mr. Hakim Khan Abbasi began operations in the year 1955. His primeval idea was to kick off a small store which could provide general items of daily use to their customers. Over the years as business grew, Mr. Imtiaz Hussain envisioned of making Imtiaz Super Store, a store which would help make peoples life better. He had a vision to serve people by helping them save money in their day today shopping; a vision to strive and conquer their customer’s with love.

Currently the Supermarket has three Stores, five warehouses and a packaging unit and this elaborate network is controlled from the Head office located at Karachi, Pakistan. Keeping pace with growth in Retail Sector in Pakistan, company is about to inaugurate a new Supermarket that be biggest one among all three existing super Markets


In recent years, Imtiaz Group has achieved growth through an aggressive strategy for opening new stores. While Supermarket sales are a major driver for this strategy, the company’s warehouses had become burdened by poor inventory visibility and control and limited data that compromised its decision making.

As an expanding business they required a modern IT platform that could consolidate their Retail and warehousing operations and foster the planned pace of growth.

Imtiaz group had previously invested in a Retail Software from a local company, but the system failed to ease their retail & warehousing operational needs. Inaccurate view of inventory in their warehouses and ill planned changes to inventory and transactions was a key concern. Poor reporting capability of their legacy system was another pain point that made it very difficult to operate the business.
In Supermarket landscape, itemized view of inventory was required to ascertain pilferage which was a herculean task. Stock data was being stored at different locations leading to constant discrepancy in stock level.

Company wanted to take advantage of the latest retail technology in order to offer its customers the most efficient and streamlined purchasing experience, with a focus on fast, effective, and efficient service to each customer. For this, Imtiaz also required an integrated solution that would facilitate control on their stores and showrooms.

iVend Retail Management Solution integrated with SAP Business One, met the group’s technology and expansion requirements.

  • Improved manager efficiency with timely information for decision making based on factual data
  • Aligned procurement planning with sales strategy, giving greater control over what is purchased and sold
  • Increased visibility and control over operating margin
  • Increased speed and accuracy in processing transactions
  • Increased responsiveness to market demands
  • Supports Discounts and Promotions like gift certificates, gift cards, discounts etc.
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