El Remate


El Remate

Product Matrix Management in iVend Retail Proves Key to Winning Customer Loyalty for El Remate

The iVend Retail platform has the power to take your organization (and any other) wherever you want. The constant incorporation of new features in current versions guarantees customers a winning bet on the future.

Alfredo Venegas, Technology Manager, El Remate

Headquarters: Latin America
Industry: Apparel & School Uniforms
Solution: iVend Retail - iVend Point of Sale (POS), iMatrix


el-remateSince its founding in 1953, El Remate has positioned itself as the leading clothing store for the entire family and school uniforms. It is well reputed in the Bajío región of Mexico for offering quality clothing at affordable prices year-round, thanks to its huge variety of products, with more than 14,000 types of garments, in at least 5 options by type of fabric, color, size, etc. They currently have 4 stores and 33 sales outlets, in the cities of Irapuato, León, Celaya and San Francisco del Rincón, Mexico.


  • Need to replace in-house developed software
  • Improve limited capabilities for operational management
  • Gain new business operational insights
  • Need for an integrated retail management solution
  • Integrate the solution into SAP Business One ERP
  • Optimize inventory management with detailed information on enterprise-wide inventory availability, for each variable (clothing, category, size, color, fabric, etc.)
  • Respond to specific customer demands in each season or store
  • Integrated, robust and cutting-edge retail platform that offers:
    • Tools to quickly respond to changes in customer consumption habits
    • Support for the organization’s growth vision for the future
  • Capacity to integrate to SAP Business One ERP
  • Unique views into inventory, as well as the movement of goods in each store, in real-time
  • Support for business decision-making
  • Process improvement
  • Matrix management capabilities
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