Desarrollos Culturales Costarricenses Corporation’s


Desarrollos Culturales Costarricenses Corporation’s

DCC S.A. now has Integrated Retail management operations with iVend Retail and SAP Business One

Yes, we improved importantly the time of attention to customer at the register, we now have more information about the transactions and the promotions are set up quicker, training and induction of new employees is now faster due to the iVend’s user friendly interface.

Marco Montoya, Financial Manager, DCC

Headquarters: Costa Rica
Industry: Book Stores
Solution: iVend Retail with SAP Business One


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DCCCosta Rican Cultural Development, DCC S.A. is based in San Jose, Costa Rica. Dedicated to the development of culture, the company is one of the leading importer, distributor of books, educational products and fine stationery of Costa Rica and Central

As a well-established retailer with over 22 retail stores and supplying across the country, DCC wanted to use the advantage of a strong market position to drive business growth.

To achieve this objective, the corporation wanted to maximize sales opportunities from its existing customer base and to expand into other areas of South & Central America.

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  • Non-integrated retail system
  • Difficulty in setting up promotions & discounts
  • Inefficient stock monitoring and stock movement
  • Inadequate customer information
  • Standardized business processes based on industry best practices
  • Enhanced Inventory Control
  • Improved customer service
  • Ease to setup and monitor discounts and promotions
  • Faster order processing
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