For customers looking to make a purchase, it’s no secret that there is an overwhelmingly vast ocean of options to choose from. Even loyal customers may be lured away by a good deal, their proximity to the store, or a unique shopping experience. For this reason, 2017 is going to be the year for showcasing your company’s individuality as a part of your strategy to build loyalty.

From Punch Cards to Loyalty Program Solutions

While the idea behind a punch card is spot on, cutting-edge loyalty program software allows businesses to develop deeper relationships with customers. These applications give visibility into the customer’s online and offline shopping histories as well as insights into their behaviors and preferences. Through mobile notifications, digital coupons, and reward points, these solutions help you incentivize customers for shopping at your store.

Examples of Successful Loyalty Programs:

  • Points per purchase: Customers earn discounts and special promotions for purchases.
  • Multi-tiered rewards: Customers earn added privileges for higher levels of spending.
  • Prepaid: This structure enable customers to prepay for goods and services.
  • Points per visit: Customers can sign in using data from mobile devices or at checkout.
  • Hybrid loyalty programs: Customers receive rewards through a combination of visits, purchases, and more.

What Makes You Different Makes You Special

Differentiating your company from your competitors is a key component in building loyalty. Your message doesn’t necessarily need to be about going green or where your product is manufactured, but the company should have a strong and consistent point of view. Brands like Apple, Ben & Jerry’s, and Harley Davidson all found their marketing niche by assuming a particular and unique perspective, which resulted in an extraordinarily devoted customer base.

This perspective should be reflected – and celebrated – in your loyalty program.

With the right loyalty program and the data generated from these solutions to support customer acquisition, you will be able to predict the best approach to take in order to build offers and rewards tailored to your customers.

Elevate Store-to-Consumer Interaction

By integrating store systems with your loyalty program you can not only encourage an increase in the frequency of store visits, but gain the capability to retain and win back lost customers. Use data from your loyalty program to identify lapsed customers and send special offers to entice them back. A simple show of appreciate can help gain a shopper’s trust — and your loyalty program is the perfect tool to deliver it.

Perks of the Loyalty Program Aren’t Just for the Customer

Loyalty programs can increase customer lifetime value. Not only do loyalty programs encourage a shopper’s devotion to your business, but they also tend to increase a customers’ spending.

In an ever-changing marketplace, it’s imperative that you are able to build shopper’s trust and loyalty and retain it. The right loyalty program software is critical to give you the tools you need to learn about your customer base and which rewards and offers resonate with them. It can also help you keep shoppers, even ones that haven’t visited the store in a while, engaged with your brand.

To learn more about the importance of integrated store systems — such as a loyalty solution that integrates with POS and eCommerce — download our e-book The Digital Store Platform: Better data for survival in a customer-centric world.

2017 is going to be the year for building loyalty on your brand’s individuality – Paula Da Silva, CitiXsys @iVendRetail_NA


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