Managing the Christmas Rush with Mobile POS

Retailing is about to hot up with Christmas approaching.

The pressure of keeping customers happy and the sales flowing is sure to find any weakness in your business processes.

One way retailers are combatting the Christmas rush is by embracing mobile POS solutions.

A mobile POS device is a simple way to expand your POS capacity to cater for increases in customer traffic.

The most obvious benefit is the ability to add an extra POS lane to your store without the need for a new shop fitout or large investment in IT infrastructure.

As an example, the iVend mobile POS solution transforms an iPhone or iPad and selected Android tablets into a functional POS lane. Users can be setup in minutes!

Staff are empowered to stay with customers from enquiry to sale thanks to the mobile solution. Not only can staff find more information on products to help answer customer queries but also process the sale, reducing POS counter queues as well as keep the customer more satisfied.

Processing sales is just one benefit of a mobile POS solution but Christmas customer traffic is not always focussed on just sales processing. You may have an increased need to manage lay-bys or manage product exchanges and refunds. What about processing gift certificates or signing up new loyalty club members? All these are achievable with a mobile POS solution.

If your mind isn’t already full with ideas on how your retail business could benefit from a mobile POS solution, then consider this. Mobile POS solutions can work with accessories such as mobile printers and scanners, work offline or online and work over 3G/4G?LTE mobile web access making them perfect for pop up store applications.

Having the ability to respond to customer traffic needs quickly and effectively is a reality thanks to mobile POS solutions. So why wait? Get organised this Christmas and take your POS mobile.

Senior Vice President of Sales for Asia Pacific and the Americas, for CitiXsys, Paula Da Silva has more than 10 years’ experience in the retail industry associated with delivering innovative software solutions to mid and large sized retailers. Known for her strong track record of operational excellence and managing a global ecosystem of technology partners, Paula has been instrumental in building the iVend Retail into a global market leader in the retail industry and plays a major role in the Company’s overall performance.

Paula Da Silva

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