Make Sales Associates as Smart as Customers with Mobile Point of Sale

Many retailers struggle with the technology gap between today’s shoppers and in-store associates. Luckily, mobile point of sale platforms can even the playing field and empower your frontline workforce. While virtually every customer who walks through your doors has some sort of smartphone or similar mobile device in hand, store associates who lack these kinds of sales- and experience-boosting tools, rely instead on outdated methods of assisting shoppers and retrieving product information that are time-consuming and inefficient. Mobile point of sale is the answer.

We asked shoppers what would improve the in-store customer experience. Download our 2016-2017 Great Omnichannel Expectations Shopper Survey for the answers.

Here are four ways mobile point of sale helps your business meet shopper expectations that sales associates know merchandise, order status, and inventory at least as well as they do from researching it on their phones.

Answers on Demand

When a customer shows interest in a product but maybe wants to know if other styles or sizes are available, a sales associate may have to vanish into the stockroom for an indeterminate period of time, leaving the shopper standing around, wondering just how long she’ll have to wait to get what she wants.

Mobile point of sale offers a better way for associates to address customer questions. With easy-to-use point of sale software on a user-friendly tablet, associates can pull up rich product details and real-time enterprise-wide inventory holdings faster than the customer can ask, “Is it in stock?”

Order Up

Speaking of inventory, one of the biggest reasons for deploying mobile point of sale is its ability to save the sale right from the store floor. If a shopper’s coveted size 8 striped sneakers aren’t available in your store location, you can look up stores or distribution centers than have stock available and have the product shipped to the address of her choosing. Not only does this boost your conversion rate (and therefore, store performance) but it also likely will increase the customer’s loyalty because she knows you have the technology to ultimately meet her needs regardless of channel.

Sell Better, Sell More

Mobile point of sale is perhaps the most transformative when it aids sales associates with cross-selling and upselling. Once, sales associates had to try to cram a vast body of product knowledge into their heads, but now, mobile point of sale serves as a rich repository of information not just about each individual product but the complimentary items that might enhance the customer’s first item of interest.

So when a customer picks up a new lipstick in the season’s hottest shade, your mPOS cross-selling tools can suggest she consider a lip scrub that would make that lip color wear even better. Or if she is looking at a mid-priced item for a birthday gift, an mPOS-equipped associate could steer her toward a similar premium-priced product, all the while explaining the benefits that justify the higher price tag.

A Top-Notch Experience

When customers choose to shop in store, they’re often looking for — and expect — a level of service that they can’t get online. For all of the innovation that’s happening in eCommerce, sometimes you just want an honest-to-goodness human conversation and interaction. Store associates with mobile point of sale in hand can stay close to the customer throughout her entire shopping journey. That side-by-side experience can provide an incremental sales lift; she may be enticed to spend more than she would without a staff-guided shopping trip.

Mobile point of sale is a game-changer for today’s retail environment. It provides sales associates the tools they need to provide an elevated level of customer service and improve sales conversions and also provide customers with a memorable, brand-building experience. The smart thing in today’s competitive retail environment is staffing stores with smart sales associates. Give them an edge with mobile point of sale.

For more shopper expectation insights and how technology can help you meet them, download our 2016-2017 Great Omnichannel Expectations Shopper Survey Report.

Smart sales associates know where to look for answers. Make it easy for them with mPOS. @iVendRetail_NA

Senior Vice President of Sales for Asia Pacific and the Americas, for CitiXsys, Paula Da Silva has more than 10 years’ experience in the retail industry associated with delivering innovative software solutions to mid and large sized retailers. Known for her strong track record of operational excellence and managing a global ecosystem of technology partners, Paula has been instrumental in building the iVend Retail into a global market leader in the retail industry and plays a major role in the Company’s overall performance.

Paula Da Silva

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