5 Delivery Methods for Digital Passes and Coupons that Will Win Customers

Shopping in the digital age has become all about convenience – and what’s more convenient than using a smartphone? Smartphones allow consumers to shop virtually anywhere, adding the much-desired element of instant gratification to making a purchase. It’s more than just a passing fad. Research for our Global Path to Purchase  report revealed that more than 70% of shoppers around the world are shopping on their smartphones at home or during free time and almost two-thirds use them when they’re shopping in physical stores.

5 Delivery Methods for Digital Passes and Coupons that Will Win Customers
Win Customers with Digital Passes
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One of the reasons price-conscious shoppers keep their smartphones handy is for quick access to digital passes and coupons. More than half of all shoppers  have expressed to us that they often forget paper coupons or miss out on deals because they don’t use printed vouchers by their expiration date. Delivering digital passes and coupons right to a shopper’s smartphone can solve this problem for your customers – as well as increase store traffic and build loyalty to your brand. The trick is to deliver digital passes to shoppers in the most effective ways.

The Right Offer, to the Right Shopper, at the Right Time

Here are five proven methods for making sure your customers can easily take advantage of promotions:

  1. Loyalty Program
    Your customers most likely belong to a variety of loyalty programs, and their wallets may be bursting with plastic cards. Enabling your loyalty members to use a digital pass is easy and convenient — and it eliminates searching through a pile of cards in a purse or wallet so the purchase counts towards rewards or to redeem points.
    Integrating digital passes with your loyalty program also allows you to keep your best customers informed of special promotions and discounts. Loyalty program members who have opted into receive notifications are most likely the most engaged with your brand – and the most ready to take advantage of digital passes, conveniently accessible via smartphone on their next shopping trip.
  2. Text and Email
    Offer shoppers, both in-store and online, the option to sign up to receive email or text communications. Once these customers know your communications include digital passes that they can scan at the checkout for discounts, open rates for digital communications and store traffic can increase. Take advantage of this opportunity to include additional messaging that will further engage your customers.
  3. Interactive Displays
    Signage or other promotional displays can include the option to scan a QR code that allows a shopper to download a digital pass. Engaging customers and offering discounts at the point of decision ensures customers receive offers that are relevant to their interests — and may be the incentive browsers need to become customers.
  4. Beacons and Geofencing
    Beacons give you the ability to communicate with a shopper when they have the right apps on their Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. You can send targeted messaging, including access to digital passes, depending on where the smartphone signal is found, creating a highly personalized shopping experience for your customers.Similarly, you can communicate with apps on shoppers’ smartphones when they’ve entered a geographic area bordered by a geofence. This area can extend beyond the walls of a physical store to send notifications, coupons, or other information to shoppers who are nearby.
  5. Mobile Wallets
    Mobile wallets are becoming more popular among consumers, and their ability to store digital passes can make payment transactions – including using a coupon – quick and easy for consumers. Once you send a digital pass, the shopper can save it to their mobile wallet where it’s easy to find – it’s not necessary to open email in the store and scroll through to find the offer.

The Added Advantages of Using Digital Passes

Digital passes have a variety of other benefits. They help minimize coupon fraud and allow you to better gauge the effectiveness of promotions than campaigns that involve paper coupons. They can also appeal to your environmentally conscious customers interested in paperless processes. And because they integrated with your retail management or point of sale (POS) system, they’ll provide you with valuable data on customer behaviors that can help you make smarter forecasting and merchandising decisions.

Ready to win more customers with digital passes and send the right offer at the right time? We have a great eBook “The Digital Store Platform: Better data for survival in a customer-centric world” to get you started.

As Chief Operating Officer, Pankaj Mathur leads the development and consulting practice of CitiXsys. It is under Pankaj’s tutelage that the CitiXsys retail strategy is transformed to fully functional feature-rich enterprise software, which is now being delivered to global markets. As a strategic thinker and retail evangelist, Pankaj leverages his expertise in product management, software engineering and business operations to drive business growth and frictionless customer experiences.


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