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Omnichannel is a hot topic today and we all have an understanding of what it means and how it can maximize customer expectations, but how does a retailer effectively implement an omnichannel solution? And more importantly, how can a true omnichannel solution benefit the customer and the retailer simultaneously?

iVend Retail’s report, Great Omnichannel Expectations’, based on a survey of 1,000 U.S. and Canadian consumers, reveals that while the physical store is still the most profitable channel for retailers, it has room for improvement when compared to the personalized experience consumers receive while shopping online.

Download the report for the latest data-points & statistics on:

  • Why omnichannel has become synonymous with online retailing
  • Consumer expectations of the shopping experience
  • How retailers can offer more personalised, consistent shopping experiences
  • What can retailers do to improve the in-store experience
  • Personalising the store experience (effectively!)
  • The Mobile Opportunity